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As a blind person, it is essential to possess a strong sense of confidence in one's own ability and self worth. The National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut believes blindness is merely an inconvenience and, with proper skills and training, a blind individual can obtain success in his or her personal and professional life. The NFB of CT offers many role models for blind children and newly blinded adults. The NFB of CT makes it possible for blind individuals to reach their full potential by providing information, scholarships, seminars, support networks and by keeping legislators informed of issues pertaining to blindness.

Blindness does not discriminate. Any individual can become blind in childhood or in later life. You may have a family member, an employee, student, client, or educator who is blind. You may come in contact with blindness or a blind individual on a daily basis or simply in passing. Regardless of the way your contact with blindness occurs, it is in the best interest of every individual to understand it and issues concerning blindness.

We offer:

  • Monthly chapter meetings throughout the state. Our members are diverse and include professionals, students, children, and people who have family members or friends who are blind. If you are seeking information about blindness or about what it means to be blind, join one of our chapters in Connecticut and meet other blind people who want to let you know that it’s respectable to be blind.

  • Scholarships to blind students in Connecticut who are entering or attending college, and personal advancement awards to blind individuals in Connecticut seeking better career opportunities. Also, through funding by the Brendan Cummins Family, the NFB of CT is offering a scholarship to college and graduate students who are enrolled in a full-time program to teach blind and visually impaired students in Connecticut. Applicants need not be legally blind.

  • The NFBC-Coccomo Quarterly Grant is a means through which Connecticut's blind and visually impaired community can receive assistance in the pursuit of training, employment, independent living and technological advancement. It is designed for easier and more frequent access to support opportunities. The intention of the program is to facilitate a higher yield of blind community support through a manner that is as equitable as it is immediate. Grants will be disbursed directly to vendors.

  • The National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut is proud to offer NFB-Newsline® service to our state. Thanks to the efforts of our national office, the Board of Education and Services for the Blind (BESB) and CRIS Radio, NFB-Newsline is available for your use.

  • A support and information network for blind diabetics through our state and National Diabetes Action Network. Our national network has created a list of literature where you can find information concerning about diabetes and blindness, and products for blind people with diabetes. The Diabetes Action Network now also has a list serv for people with diabetes and their families and friends. Click here for more information about diabetes-talk.

  • Free information and support networks to enable newly blinded persons adjust to blindness. Members of the NFB of CT reach out to newly blinded persons to help them with problems of adjustment and orientation. Our publication is The Federationist in Connecticut.

  • Informational and interactive seminars for blind job seekers, people with diabetes, and parents and educators of blind children.

  • Books, videos and literature to schools and colleges, senior citizen centers and libraries concerning blindness and the capabilities of blind persons.

  • Advocacy on behalf of blind persons who have met with discrimination in employment, housing, guide dog accessibility, etc.

  • Information for legislators on issues pertaining to blindness.

  • To become a member, print out this form and send to our outreach office with your dues.

  • Volunteer readers throughout the state.

  • You can contribute: donation information

  • Brailled materials for blind persons in Connecticut.

  • Call the National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut Outreach Office at: (860) 289-1971
  • Write to us at: 477 Connecticut Blvd, Ste 217, East Hartford, CT 06108
  • E-Mail us at:
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For more information, E-mail us at:

The National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut
477 Connecticut Boulevard, Suite 217
East Hartford, CT 06108
(860) 289-1971


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