The National Federation of the Blind
of Connecticut
NFB-Newsline® for the Blind

Would you like to receive newspaper, magazine, TV listings, job listings information on-demand?
How about emergency weather alerts?
We think that NFB-NEWSLINE is for you!
Or, perhaps you subscribed to NFB-NEWSLINE in the past and have never really tried to use the service?

It is our pleasure to tell you that, thanks to technology developed by the National Federation of the Blind and thanks to funding from the Board of Education & Services for the Blind and the Eugene & Margaret Blackford Memorial Fund, NFB-NEWSLINE is now available to blind and visually impaired individuals in the state. CRIS Radio's involvement, the addition of some CRIS Radio content, establishes a new and exciting precedent.

For those of you who haven't heard about NFB-NEWSLINE, it is an on-demand service for those who cannot read printed information for whatever reason. The service provides audio access to printed newsmatter to subscribers, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Over the years, our NFB-NEWSLINE team in Baltimore has upgraded and expanded our service with new and exciting features and options. Subscribers can now choose from over 300 newspapers, 40 magazines, TV listings, job listings, advertisements and much more. Publications are available over the phone, through email, through an iPhone app, and for download to a variety of devices, including the National Library Service digital talking book player. In the past year or so, two new and exciting options have been added: (1) weather information, including emergency weather alerts; and (2) Breaking News which includes BBC, CNN, NPR, the Huffington Post and, most recently, The Verge. With all these exciting choices, NFB-NEWSLINE has truly become a service that's hard to live without!

If you are not an NFB-NEWSLINE subscriber, we encourage you to complete an application form and return it to our community outreach office so you can begin using this great service!

If you are a subscriber who is not using NFB-NEWSLINE, contact our office at 860-289-1971 or to obtain your subscriber information and give the service a serious try. It'll change your life!

How You Can Get Signed Up For NFB-Newsline®

Click on "NFB-NEWSLINE Application" to print your copy of our application form. After you complete the form and return it to our office, you will be assigned an identification number and a security code. Then you can choose to use the phone and follow the easy prompts to listen to any part of the newspaper of your choice. It's so flexible and easy. You'll be able to go to any section of the paper, change the speech, speed it up or slow it down, reread an article - all through the use of the keys on your touch-tone phone. Or, you can avail yourself of one of NFB-NEWSLINE's other access options.

NFB-NEWSLINE Application

For more information about NFB-NEWSLINE, including other methods to access NFB-NEWSLINE information besides a touch tone phone, click here.


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Updated March 18, 2014