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Expectations of Conduct for the National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut Email Listserv

The board of directors of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) of Connecticut has adopted these Expectations of Conduct for its email listserv. These expectations are intended to build the Federation in its membership, leadership, outreach, and advocacy. As with all Federation expectations, our NFB national constitution, the NFB of Connecticut constitution, and the NFB Code of Conduct (which may be found directly at are all critical parts to these expectations. These expectations build on the email sent by our NFB of Connecticut president, Maryanne Melley, on May 15, 2020. In summary, the listserv is for business matters and not for personal or private social matters. Discriminatory and harassing behavior will not be tolerated, and corrective action will be taken quickly. The following paragraphs give examples of the sort of matters and behavior that are expected and those that are not permitted. It is not an exhaustive list and is intended for guidance. The final paragraph identifies the listserv co-moderators and a description of how they will address failure to follow these expectations.

The NFB of Connecticut email listserv is for business matters. Such matters may include Federation announcements from national, state affiliate, and local chapter and division leadership; information of general interest to the blind, such as announcements from Connecticut agencies and private vendors serving the blind; and subscribers’ questions and answers about blindness such as alternative techniques of blindness, access technology, and advocacy strategies. Because building the Federation and our ability to work together as a team is an integral purpose of our listserv, general interest questions, such as may be used as ice-breakers at face-to-face or virtual meetings, from a recognized national, state affiliate, or local chapter or division leader are appropriate, and responses that stay on subject and encourage fellow members (which often may raise our expectations as blind people) are warmly welcomed. Announcements that are considered “Federation family news” from a recognized national, state, or local chapter or division leader are also appropriate; these announcements might include a birth, wedding, new job, retirement from a job, hospitalization, or death of a member or beloved family of a Federation member.

The NFB of Connecticut email listserv is not for general social discussions, such as planning private gatherings between members or detailed arrangements of private transactions between members (especially not blindness-related transactions). Personal matters, especially personal arguments such as those about the specific conduct of a fellow member, are not appropriate and should be handled privately with the member concerned. Use of vulgar language is also inappropriate.

The non-discrimination policy of the Federation detailed in our Code of Conduct specifically applies to this listserv. It is emphasized that the “National Federation of the Blind does not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, marital status, age, genetic information, disability, or any other characteristic or intersectionality of characteristics”. Demeaning and harassing posting and content that violates this non-discrimination expectation is prohibited.

The board of directors of the NFB of Connecticut has designated Nathanael Wales, treasurer, and Shonda Rosetta, director, as co-moderators. They may be reached by e-mail at:

Concerns by subscribers should be submitted to both co-moderators for them to respond to. Should the designation of a moderator change, the board of directors will announce that new designation and that new moderator’s email address. If the moderators believe that a post or series of posts to the listserv is inappropriate, they will work together to counsel the poster and if needed respond on the listserv (referring to these expectations as much as possible). Discriminatory behavior will result in swiftest action, including a response to the listserv that the behavior is prohibited by these expectations and our Federation Code of Conduct. Posters who do not comply with the corrective actions counseled by the moderators may be prevented from posting to the listserv and will also be subject to all corrective remedies prescribed by the NFB’s Code of Conduct, its national constitution, and the constitution of the NFB of Connecticut.

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